The youngest and latest addition to our canine family is my own little Toy Poodle stud dog, Roijuls Jesting Jasper, otherwise known as Jasper or Squrly dog or Hopper!
Oh my goodness me! What a delight he is. I bought him because I wanted to be able to ensure that I had a stud dog that had as much genetic and health screening done as possible. It’s not easy to find stud’s that have had much more done the pra-PRCD and sometimes, if you’re lucky vWD1 but rarely, without having to travel hundreds of miles. But, Oh my! He has captured my heart. he is just a bundle of loveliness. I simply adore him. Here he is chilling out with our elderly black Lab, Saba. Although Saba has never had a litter of her own, she is definitely the matriarch of the family, quietly keeping the rest of them in order.

Roijuls Jesting Jasper is an adorable little chap who is just beginning his career as a Ladies Man. He is a gorgeous deep red colour with a very gentle nature. He has been raised within the household with our other dogs so he is a very well adjusted little man. He has had extensive health tests. He has been hip and elbow scored which is rarely seen in toy poodles as, at the time of writing this, he is only 1 of 6 tested in the UK. His elbow score is 0 and he has the lowest hip score recorded for a toy poodle, at time of writing, in the UK of 3:3, totalling 6. He has tested genetically clear for prcd-PRA, vWD I, MH, NE and DM(exon2). He is also eye screened under the BVA/KC scheme on an annual basis. Jasper is KC registered.

I am offering 2 levels of service. The most cost effective is for you to bring your lady to me but I am also prepared to travel to you although the cost of this service will be negotiated at the time of booking depending on your location. Time and travelling expenses together with the stud fee will determine the total cost. I believe that the ladies feel less threatened in their home environment, especially if it is their first mating.


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